P2 Theme Version Changelog

Es gab mal wieder ein Versions Update für das P2 Theme, welches Ich hier auf YATTER verwende. Anbei das Changelog mit den vom WordPress Team vorgenommen Optimierungen am P2 Theme:

1.1.6 – Aug 2010

  • Improve textarea auto-resizing in quick post form
  • Fix IE8 comment visibility toggle
  • Add styles for network signup form
  • Fix for IE prompting user when leaving a page after comment
  • Fix minor PHP undefined and redeclared errors and deprecated function calls
  • Use built-in WordPress comment_form()
  • Don’t show comments for password-protected posts
  • Add automatic feed links support
  • Enable custom background
  • Replace includes with get_template_part
  • Fix missing after_widget in recent comments widget
  • Add 404.php template
  • Fix post nav for older/newer with correct placement
  • Improve search.php message and add inline search form
  • Norwegian translation by Peter Holme (http://code.google.com/p/no-wp/)