P2 Theme and the TRY to exclude Posts from Index also called the_loop by using Tags.

Mal ein Beitrag auf English, weil es somit eventuell besser Kommunikation bezüglich der Sprache bei der Lösung des Problems gibt.

Before you read the following lines, you should know that I am NOT the Best in speaking or writing English. But i tried my best, to show you my Problem with the P2 Theme by writing it in English Language.

Using the P2 Theme for normal Blogging and instead for Micro-Blogging at the same time would bring some Problems for me in the way of sorting normal Posts and Micro-Blogging Posts in the right way.

My Problem with this is, that i tried to figure out a way how to exclude Posts by using tags from the Index.php, also called the_loop in WordPress by itself.

I searched the Web for „exclude post by tags from index“ and found many Answers to that Question, but the most of that would be CRAP! But there was one Result in the Search, that would maybe bring the answer for my problem.

The article from wpmods seems to be helpful for me, but after i do a little bit of „trial&error“ while using the Help in the Text i felt so fucking lost. Nothing worked at all, not a dam bit of it. The only thing i got would be a P2 Theme with NO POSTS in it.

That are the following Steps i do, by using the Help based on the Text from wpmods.

Paste that Lines of Code directly to WordPress wouldn’t work for me. So i made a screenshot of it with the following Steps and post it here. 🙂

I am a n00b with CODE and Stuff like that, and i have no more idea WHY THE FUCK that wouldn’t work! I mean, the only thing i will do is to exclude special posts by using there special tags. In this Case, the special Tag is called „statusupdate“ as one word, like you see it actually. THATS ALL!

Using a Child-Theme for the P2 Theme would be no big Deal for me, because it covers the original P2 Theme while i am doing my Changes like a n00b in Code do it. Maybe it could be useful for you to know, that Jonathan Warren made the Child-Theme i use with some Changes in it for the Fonts and Font-Size, like you see.


For the Moment, i solved the Problem with the following few Lines of Code. But maybe, there would be a better way to solve that problem specially for the P2 Theme.

Changing the Number in array (12) with the right ID-Number of the known Tag and after saving the Changes, there would be no one Posts with this special Tag on the Index or in the so called the_loop! 🙂

If you have an Idea, for solving my Problems in a better way, write me a line in the Comments. In English or German, that doesn’t matter to me, i understand English way more better that i can speak or write it.